Our company, Convect Limited, was established in 2002. We focus on design and supply of the air purification system for improvement of the indoor air quality and the exhaust air quality for our prestigious clients.

Since 2002, we have distributed the German made Air Purification System to China, Hong Kong and Macau. In 2010, we started to supply the air purification system to Taiwan.

The Air Purification System is categorised into 3 main series for different applications: AEROECO, VIROXX and PHOENIX. Based on the characteristics and installation method, the AEROECO Series is divided into 4 sub-series: AEROTRON, AEROTEC, AEROMAT and AIRDECO.



According to the Home Page of the website of bioclimatic GmbH regarding "More security for distribution partners...":

To give the distribution partners of bioclimatic GmbH and customers more security regarding the handling of Certificates of Exclusivity, Distributor Certificates and Certificates of Project Representative Appointments, all these documents issued by bioclimatic GmbH from now on contain an individual, random Certificate Number. This number now allows any interested party to verify the authenticity of a certificate by sending a simple e-mail-request to bioclimatic GmbH directly (e-mail address: info@bioclimatic.de).

Old certificates can be converted according to existing distribution agreements. Please be aware that in this context the validity of the old bioclimatic-Distributor Certificates with the blue-coloured cloud-background will end on 31.05.2011.

bioclimatic GmbH have issued the signed Exclusive Distributor Certificate which contains the Certificate Number as mentioned above to our company.